‘Riding Shotgun’ Takes Viewers On A Comic Travel Adventure

Have you ever watched a travel show and felt that the glossy representation of the destination was just a little bit too perfect? As though real travel, with all its crazy, kooky experiences, was so much more than that? That’s exactly how Zach Anner – a self-confessed goofball – felt about travel, and his passion for all things offbeat has led to his own web travel show, “Riding Shotgun.”

Zach is wheelchair bound after being born with cerebral palsy, but that hasn’t stopped the Texas-based 28-year-old from quenching his thirst for adventure and seeing the world.

Zach, who has a background in standup comedy, became an Internet sensation in 2010 after he entered Oprah’s search for the next TV star. After briefly starring in his own TV show for the OWN network, Zach turned his attention to his new project, “Riding Shotgun.”The web-based comedy travel series takes viewers on a quirky cross-country trip. Reddit readers got to call the shots on where Zach and his team would go and how they’d spend their time in each city. We’re happy to report that Zach is hosting some of his excellent show over at AolOn, our video network.

Check out the videos and get to know this fun travel host.

‘Riding Shotgun’ Reddit Series Rolls Into New Orleans

When last we posted about Zach Anner, it was to inform you that he and reddit had partnered up to launch an online series called “Riding Shotgun.” The premise is simple, albeit it a great example of next-gen multi-media. Zach, who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair, travels to various domestic destinations and participates in activities, all culled from and selected by vote by reddit users.

If this sounds warped, it’s only because that’s how Zach rolls (pun intended). He’s handsome, funny, charming, and by his own admission, has lousy luck with women. The latest episode takes place in New Orleans. Zach and his crew visit legendary restaurant Antoine’s, and then go honky-tonkin’ at Tulane University dive The Boot. Check it out, below.

Zach Anner And Reddit Launch New Online Travel Show: ‘Riding Shotgun’

Remember Zach Anner, the funny guy with cerebral palsy that launched a travel show on Oprah’s Network last year? Our friend and Internet metagod Alexis Ohanian reached out yesterday to let us know that they’re moving the show to the Internet in a new series called “Riding Shotgun.”

Funded by Mr. Ohanian’s uncorporation Breadpig (they’re also behind the xkcd book and sell awsomesauce), Riding Shotgun will cull all of its ideas from reddit, where users will be able to vote on destinations as well as activities in each spot. The show will visit eight of the top voted destinations, and right now Montreal, New Orleans, Denver and San Francisco are all in a heated battle for the top spot.

The result will be a multimedia mixture of user-submitted videos, maps and a full YouTube series. In their words:

Think Anthony Bourdain, but instead of a crotchety indifference to everything, we’ll have a crotchety exuberance for everything with more fun, more wigs and more wheelchairs.

We can’t wait for the result. Check out the show’s details over on Mr. Anner’s site or vote on destinations over on reddit.

New travel show features Zach Anner, host with cerebral palsy

Earlier this year, Oprah’s OWN television network ran a contest soliciting video entries for hosts of a new television show. The contest earned 143 million votes and a multitude of entires, but one in particular went viral. Zack Anner, a Texas native with cerebral palsy submitted a wacky, light hearted video pitching a show about travel with his condition. His video was a mixture of self-deprecation, clever production and genuine, happy hosting, and as a result the votes poured in.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Anner won the competition, and his show, Rollin With Zach went into production. The OWN network just released a trailer of the series which features the host traveling across the United States covering the nation from a local’s perspective. At large, the new travel show beings on the Oprah Network this week. The first episode airs Monday, December 12 from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

If you want to check out the initial audition video, read on below.