Train Lovers

There is something just a wee bit creepy about train fanatics. I’m not sure what it is exactly, something about
their incredible devotion and how it often manifests itself in long hours alone in a basement watching model trains
snake around a fake minature city. Maybe it’s just me, but the few people I’ve known over the years with a train fetish
always seemed on the verge of derailing. And so, with this unflattering image firmy affixed in your mind, I offer
you the train rider’s travelogue site. Let me just say that I spent
some time going through it, and my image of train fanatics has not changed all that much.
Here, for example, is a “Map Of Steve’s
Amtrak Travels”, and a picture of Steve
himself, and Steve’s friendly little query,
“Are YOU a train person?”. Well, Steve, no. Now put down the railroad spike. Gently, Steve.