Maps R Us

I love maps and am always in search of good ones. You can often buy them in
bookstores or travel stores, but they’re usually mass-produced, laminated and, well, kind of lame.  Did
you know that the government has some of the best maps available and that you can buy
at rock bottom prices?

The US Geological Survey makes thousands of maps available for
sale from their offices in Virginia, but also via the Web. Way back when, I lived in a house in Seattle (as
opposed to a one bedroom Manhattan apartment) and had the huge four panel world map on my wall. It was very cool.
The one I had still had the USSR on it, but I assume it’s now fixed. Anyway, you can actually spend hours on the USGS
site just looking at and reading stuff. It’s a huge site with massive amounts of information. And if you want to get
your rocks off (sorry!) by checking out some of the
geology education areas on their site,
by all means, do so.