A, um, $20,000 Suitcase

For the excruciatingly rich SOB who has everything, now comes this
$20,000 Suitcase. Yes, you read it
correctly 20Gs. For a S-U-I-T-C-A-S-E. Now, I was hesitant to put this under our “gear” category, since no one who
calls himself an “engaged” traveler would ever EVER lug one of these things around (let alone buy one). With its
whispering wheels and fine louvered doors, I’m sure the discerning luggage aficionado will
find it a rare piece of treasure. But for me, even though I could never afford such a thing, it’s all about opportunity
I mean, you could travel around the world TWICE fior the cost of this thing. The suitcase, called the
“Henk” is the brain-spasm of a 58-year-old Dutchman named Henk van de Meene, who made millions in real estate and
apparently spent a fair amount of time pondering the creation of absurd products for the insanely wealthy.