Top Ten Non-Fiction Adventure Travel DVDs

OK…so yesterday, we listed our top ten fiction DVDs of
all-time, and now here’s our list for top ten NON-fiction adventure DVDs of all time. This was a very tough list to
make, actually, as there really are many fine films out there.

10. The Dream is Alive (one of the earliest, and still best, IMAX films)

9. Endless Summer (the best surfing documentary ever…though I might add Riding Giants here as well.)

8. Steep and Deep (so many Warren Miller films…but this is one of my favorites)

7. Underwaterworld Trilogy (great for underwater film buffs)

6. Everest (the film, and the book Into Thin Air should be consumed together)

5. Touching the Void (even with re-enactmments, this is an incredibly riveting film)

4. Kon Tiki (even if Thor Heyerdahl was wrong, this is still a great film)

3. The Jacques Cousteau Odyssey – The Complete Series (sorry…a compendium, but Cousteau is one of the greatest figures
in non-fiction film-making ever)

2. Pole to Pole (OK, apparently not on DVD yet…at least not on Amazon. But this is my favorite of the Michael Palin
travel series…all of which are amazing)

1. Blue Planet (this is a REMARKABLE film EVERY single school kid should watch)