How to: Mind Your Luggage

If you’ve ever dealt with the nightmare of
lost luggage (for example on an important business trip!) you know what horrors are wrought from not having your shit
arrive on time (or at all). And so I was thinking about this and thought I’d put together this quick HOW TO on dealing
with your luggage. I did a bit of research and came up with these tips:

1. Know your bag: Yup, seems simple, but before you check in, do a complete inventory of your bag. Suits, shoes,
belts, a watch. If you your luggage gets, you’re going to have to account for stuff to get reimbursed, and you want to
know exactly how much the stuff is worth.

2. Gate check what you can. Sure, it’s a pain for the gate people, but if you can pack stuff in medium-sized
suitcases, you can check them at the gate and therefore are likely to get that stuff first on the carousel. It’s also
more likely NOT to get lost.

3. Try out a new baggage delivery service like These guys
will come to your house (yes, you might have to pack early) and for a fee will take charge of your stuff. It will be
delivered to your door at your destination. No hassles lugging your stuff through the airport.

4. Check your zippers. No not your crotch (although that’s not such a bad idea), but on your luggage. Sometimes half
open zippers can open further, dumping all your stuff on the carousel. You want others to see your underwear?  Or
worse the stuff can get scattered all over the luggage management area. If this happens, you’re likely SOL. You can
complain, but most airlines will blame the state of your luggage.