Dual Citizenship

It is a known fact to many that I tend to worry myself sick by little silly things. Things that really make no huge difference in my day-to-day life like uh… obtaining dual citizenship for example. If I can have it, I want it. For one I think there are several perks to having citizenship in two countries and just to have options. Options I say! So now that I’ve revealed a little piece of my bratty, silly, worrisome ways here’s an article I found in the CBC News out of Canada on dual citizenship.

It’s a little dated, but will be a good starting point for anyone whose ever been curious about obtaining dual citizenship. There’s a good chance you may already be eligible for it and not even know. Do your research and do it well. Find out which countries recognize dual citizenship – Denmark, Norway, Finland, Japan, and Thailand are just a few that don’t. The U.S. will allow dual citizenship so long as the other country allows it as well. Then again, after 9/11 re-entry into the states could just become one huge headache. How life-changing dual citizenship is and whether it is worth all the trouble is up to you. Just something to think about.