Book on Bombay

Bombay blew my mind.

I’d never experienced a place quite like it. The crazy mixture of Bollywood glitz, Hindu iconography, dot-com wealth
and unfathomable poverty…it is really one of the most unique cities on the planet. While I have not read the book…yet…I
did head over to Boldtype from and found this review for a
new book called Maximum City: Bombay Lost and
Found by Suketu Mehta.

In the book, Mehta returns to his native Bombay with his wife and children after 21 years in the US and offers his
take on how his city has changed. Quite a bit I’d imagine. Much of India has gone through rapid change in the last 10.
let alone 20 years, and Bombay has borne the brunt of MOST of that change. So, I am eager to read this, especially
since boldtype salutes Mehta’s “generous, confident prose”.