Equipment for the Storm Chaser

Being that I live in Florida, I get some of the best weather and also some of the worst i.e.
hurricane season.  I remember all the frenzy of folks heading out to
stores to stock up on water, boards, and batteries while my mother and I sat comfortably inside watching the
tube.  We wanted to avoid the crazies on the street and so we opted to watch the people we consider wild on
TV.  The Storm Chasers!!!  “Go get that hurricane,” we would yell!

Storm Chasers crash in shady motels (at least in the movies they do), jump-up and are ready to go at first lightning
strike. They dash from point to point covering extreme weather situations all across the country.  And
Outside magazine has
a nice gear checklist for anyone preparing to hunt for Tornados this season in Tornado Alley, a
stretch from South Dakota to central Texas.  Even if you aren’t into following after storms the list has some cool
items any adventurer would be interested in having.  A few from the items include: 

  • RainX for the windshields when sudden downpour occurs.

  • Nokia cells with extra fast Internet connection like the 6230.

  • Salomon’s XA Raid 3D high-top adventure-racing shoes.

  • The M275XL Tablet PC from Gateway.

Hooded jackets , GPS devices, and Digi camera’s also made the list.