Top Ten Airports

Kind of interesting. Jim Eagle of the NZ Herald
does a piece about a recent report on
the top ten airports in the world. The Airport of the Year study has listed these airports around the world and places
Hong Kong’s right at the top. Interestingly, many of the top airports are in Asia. I assume that has something to do
with Asian sensibilities about efficiency and effectiveness. The
Airport of the Year study is the world’s largest,
independent Passenger survey of airport standards. Here’s the list. Sadly, nary an American airport is to be found
among the top ten.


1 Hong Kong

2 Singapore, Changi

3 Seoul, Incheon

4 Munich

5 Osaka, Kansai

6 Dubai

7 Kuala Lumpur

8 Amsterdam, Schipol

9 Copenhagen

10 Sydney