A Unique Place to Stay

My, Sao Paulo on the brain again.  With so many cool finds it’s hard not to post about the
dazzling South American destination though you’ll want to save your vacation time for the
N. American winter when it’s a little warmer. 

Anyhow, I stumbled upon the Hotel Unique via Player
online.  It’s listed as one of the ‘Player Hot Spots’ which must mean it cost a pretty penny ($245 a
night) to stay in the half-penny designed accommodation, but worth shaking the piggy bank clean if you have
to.  Designed by one of Brazil’s top architects the hotel features decor that are far-cry from
conservative.  The penthouse-level sun deck makes for fabulous views of the city and a gracious
list of amenities will provide much for every
traveler.  With the exception of the thrifty.  I’d stay for the simple fact that it looks a little like 2005
Noah’s Ark.