Ready for the Rodeo

The first time I went to a rodeo I was in and out faster than those silly clowns can jump the
fence.  It was nothing like I had imagined all the times I had watched it on TV.
 My family was the type to sit around laughing, watching as bucking broncos and bulls flung riders off like a
nasty little tick. I thought this made me a fan, but apparently you’re not supposed to laugh when they fall
off.  Oops!   

Well I’m no vegetarian or animal activist, but the rodeo was just a bit much for me.  Not that it’s not cool or
anything because tons of cowboys and gals alike still mosey on out for a show and if you’re one of those
folks, then you might take interest in the Reno Rodeo approaching.  Known
as the wildest, richest rodeo in the west the Reno Rodeo kicks off June 16, 2005 and runs through June 25, 2005. 
Tons of information and a really neat little history and photo
on the first 80 years of the Reno Rodeo can be found at on the site.