Mens Journal: Take a Year Off

I really wish Men’s Journal had a better Web site. It is a good
magazine (not great, though often with great articles), and deserves a solid Web presence. Why Jann Wenner and company
have not done a better job on the site is beyond me, since all they have to do is spruce up the design, post a few
articles and voila, they’d probably drive interest in the magazine itself and boost sales.

No matter. The point is I am a subscriber and there is a fine article in
this month’s issue about taking a year off. Wow, what a great idea.
I’d LOVE to do that, and someday in the near to distant future I will. But the fact is, I already did.  Several
years ago I lived in Chile for a year. In fact, I’m even mentioned/quoted in the article, which is nice. The bad part
is that they kind of took what I said out of context so that it looks as if I said the fellowshipp I was on – A rotary
Ambassadorial fellowship – was all shits and giggles, when, in fact, I had to do a fair amount of work. Yes, it was fun
as hell and I highly recommend it, but I did have to travel around the country and speak to various groups, and I had
to pick up some classes at the University of Chile.

Anyway, the peice is a good one. It proves some options for how to leave your job, how to plan for your year away and
even gives some suggestions on where to do. It could easily inspire you to ditch your job for a year of globe