Book A Moroccan Riad

After perusing through a couple of the riads on this
Moroccan hotel and riad booking site, I
stopped at Riad
.  A mixture of old and new this incredible, palace hideout in the city of Marrakesh has much to offer
the traveler looking to embrace a semi Zen ambiance during their stay.  The riad prides itself with
their solarium terrace rooftop which also happens to be one of the highest in Marrakesh, harmonizing atmospheres,
and attentive staff.  An impressive list of amenities can be found

If you are planning to stay in Morocco, especially within the medinas of cities like Marrakesh, Fez, and Essaouira I
say skip hotels all together.  I’m sure they’ll provide some of the same features possibly at a lower cost, but
how often do you get to stay in an enchanting, ancient palace once owned by a Sultan prince?  Let the traditional
Moroccan architecture of the riads engage you for hours at the very least.  If this one isn’t going on your
wish list, place it on mine.