The Lord God Bird

Looks like good stuff for the folks in Brinkley, AR and even better news for the avid birder looking
to catch sight of the ivory-billed woodpecker.  The
Lord God Bird was
presumed extinct having not been seen since 1944, but after hiding out for awhile it made it’s 2004 re-appearance
in the swamps of eastern Arkansas.  What this means for the surrounding towns is possibly a big boom in birding
tourism.  Children can be spotted coming out of hair salon’s with woodpecker inspired doo’s and you’ll
find many an ivory-billed burger being served at Gene’s Barbeque.

For the anxious birder, you can expect or at least hope that the birding trail will be open and ready (for your
quiet shuffling feet and deep inner gasps) in the state’s eastern Great River Road area by September.  The
road runs through the Mississippi Delta and has been known to attract 25% of American bird species at many different
times.  USA Today
has the full spill on the noisy bird. 

And now I’ve got that silly laugh from the oh-too famous cartoon, ’Woody the Woodpecker’ in my head.