Blogging for Pennsylvania

In an effort to get more camera-snapping tourist revenue in the state of Pennsylvania, the state
tourism office has called upon six very different, real individuals to hit the road
and start blogging.  Pause right there. That almost sounded like an introduction to the Real World, but
looking at the new VisitPA site it almost feels like it.  (What I am really
trying to say is two things here.  One, I am slightly a product of way too much MTV.  Second, all the good
intentions they had with the show actually made into the blog.)  Moving along…

When CNN covered the site I couldn’t
help but, to check it out as a blogger myself.  They’ve really got some good travel blogs going on
Pennsylvania.  A little bit longer in form, I picked on the ‘Hipster Roadtrippers,’ Mike and Tamara’s blog to tell
me about all the
really incredible
sites in Amish country
, cozy B&B’s, and even Smorgasborg.  Something about their travel tale’s really
made me want to get over to Pennsylvania – fast!  Maybe it was milking the cow.

It’s really worth looking into if you are planning a visit to the state anytime soon.  They’ve got a blogger
there for everyone and every possible interest.