Tall Grass Prarie

We have posted about so many of the country’s National Parks. From Yosemite to the Smokies the number of
opportunities to get out and see some of the fabulous places in the US is almost endless. But it should be mentioned
that while many of the parks get more than their fair share of attention, there are other national parks and preserves
that also deserve mention. One of these is the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in
Kansas. Mentioned in countless songs that celebrate our national character (spacious skies, amber waves of grain), the
Prairie is almost mythical in its ability to call up notions of freedom and space, and

the Times piece
on the Preserve is enough top make you want to make the road trip there to check them out.

The piece gives the lowdown on what the prairie has to offer, and also a dose of history about how this place came to
be protected. While most people don’t place Kansas on their list of top travel destinations, you could do far worse
than this if you’re looking to explore the American heartland.