Vacationing for the Birds

Bird-watchers are a curious lot. I can’t say I know a lot of
birders, but the one guy I do know, a professor at a well-known university, is so fanatical about birds that he would
pretty much drop everything and cross the globe to see a red-breasted Fartsnucker (or some such thing). Some people
plan entire vacations around their birding addictions, which I find a bit odd, but quaint in a way, too. At least they
are giving themselves purpose in life. How many people lack that?  

This series of articles inthe CSM takes on the birding
phenom with recommendations for trips that will tickle the gizzards of birders everywhere. One article
takes you to the land down under to look at
frogmouths and gibberbirds, while another will have
exploring Magdalena Island’s Megellanic penguins in Chile. So if you’re tired of those boring old blue-jays out
your window and want to tie your avian fetish into a trip, by all means do so.