Dive: The Ultimate Guide

We haven’t posted much about scuba diving here since our sister site divester launched, but a friend of mine
recently brought to my attention a cool book that every diver should know about. It’s called
Dive: The Ultimate Guide to
60 of the World’s Top Dive Locations.

The book is a glorious 320-page reference to more than 400 dives around the world, from Australia to Yap (and
everything in between). The book is filled with luscious maps and photographs, and author Monty Halls has scads of
information on water temperature, visibility, specific dives and depths and animal-life, as well it provides an
excellent beginner-to-expert grading system and the low down on where to find recompression chambers (which hopefully
you will NEVER need). A fine addition to the library of any avid bubble-blower.