The Skinny on Seattle

I always hear people complain about Seattle. It’s too cold, they say. Too wet and rainy. Too
many geeks. Too often it’s folks who have never been there before who say this stuff. Ridiculous. Seattle is a kick ass
city. It is the best mixture of bit city cosmopolitanism and Bobo
lifestyle there is. And while the rain does fall in Seattle, that tends to happen mostly during the winter…and a bit in
the fall. And sometimes in the spring.

But Summer! Ah, summer is something different. In summer Seattle is, and I do not say this lightly, heaven on earth.
Just about now, it is truly one of the great places on the planet. Just out side the city you will find amazing hiking,
kayaking, climbing. Insiide the city there are plenty of things to keep you busy…a couple of which don’t involve

So it was nice to see this quick and dirty

New York Times piece
on Seattle. It highlights many of the best places to go, things to do…a couple of them more
obscure things the average tourist might not consider, like the Center for Wooden
and the new library (which I understand is really cool…or Kool, as it was
designed by Rem Koolhaas). So if you are heading out West, give Seattle a look-see, because right now it is about as
beautiful place as you’ll see.