Another Top Ten Hotel List

Here it is folks. Just when you started working on the first couple ten list of hotels I am going to
provide you with another. I was hoping to follow-up on the actual chain of
eXtreme Hotels I blogged about a few months
back, but my google search retrieved these results instead. Gayot dot com has a list of their
Top 10 Extreme Hotels and they are
considered such for very different reasons. Sweden’s popular Ice Hotel makes the list due to its being completely made
of ice while the Skyland Ranch out of Washington state keeps the Native American way of lodging


IMO, the best on the list has got to be the Jules’ Underwater Lodge located in Key
Largo, Florida. I’ve never been, but I want to go badly. The underwater research lodge was inspired by the world of
Jules Verne and certified divers can enjoy unlimited diving while earning an Aquanaut certificate. Whether you’re
actually diving or not, staying there must be a real treat from what I’d imagine. Anyhow, check out the list for other
incredible extreme stays around the globe.