DiCaprio Buys Island

OK, maybe this is old news for some folk, the ones who follow all this star stuff so closely, but it was news to me. Leo DiCaprio of Gilbert Grape fame (my favorite movie of his), has bought himself a little slice of tropical heaven.

For a mere $2.4 million, Leo purchased Blackadore Caye, an island off the coast of Belize. He says he’s gonna turn the 104-acre Caribbean beachfront into an eco-friendly resort. And what could be more eco-friendly than clearing palm trees and beach grass to erect hotel buildings and swimming pools? Just kidding! Good for him. One wonders, however, if Rolf Potts will soon stage a one-man invasion of the island. Do it Rolf! In other interesting Leo news, it looks like he is working on a film adaptation of Vonnegut’s classic Cat’s Cradle. Now that’s cool. Can’t wait to see the special effects of Ice Nine.

(via Worldhum)