Paddler Magazine Celebrity Issue

A while back I was asked by Paddler Magazine (for whom I
wrote an earlier profile) to find out if David Lee Roth would do an interview with me about his paddling hobby. DLR (as
you might remember from those late 80s MTV videos of him roped in and running around a vertical face of rock) fancies
himself quite the outdoorsman. And he is. Apparently he takes his climbing and paddling and keeping fit thing very
seriously. (How else is he going to fit into those tiger-striped stretch pants?) I understand he is also training to be
a paramedic. So Dave is obviously a very busy guy, which
perhaps explains why he wouldn’t return my phone calls and emails.

Anyway, as we’ve now seen in a gazillion different places, what celebrities do off screen is apparently of great
interest to the general public. So much so that even the afore-mentioned
Paddler Magazine is getting into the act. This month
Paddler is running its celebrity paddling issue. While they don’t post much online, I glean from the cover that such
celestials as Kevin Costner, Meryl Streep and Marilyn Monroe were/are all paddling fans. Now, I wish Dave would have
returned my call…if just to hear him rip on Sammy Hagar…but I do have to wonder when all this will stop? Will it? Ever?
Someone please tell me it will.