Shanghai Sex-po

Parental discretion is advised.

Sorry, this is the first time…I think…I’ve ever used the word “sex” two posts in a row (I promise I’m not doing this
on purpose…what do you think this is, Gridskipper?). But it had to be done. You see, I love Dan Washburn’s
site, and I couldn’t resist drawing your attention to
his recent
on visiting the China International Adult Toys and Reproductive Health Exhibition at the Shanghai
International Exhibition Center in Hongqiao…known to many (or just me) as the Sex-po.

Well, Dan found there what you would pretty much expect to find at such an event. An assortment of toys, gadgets,
videos and inflatable personages are sure to unwind the turbans of Ayatollahs everywhere. Dan graciously provides ample
photos on his Flickr site so that curious minds who
wonder exactly what a Cock Cage with a Tickler Top
actually looks like (think Thunderdome for the Penis).

Many of the other items listed leave less to the imagination.

BTW: I’ve been checking the Javits Center calendar, but alas it doesn’t seem we’ll be having the Sexpo to NYC
anytime soon.