Gansevoort Hotel Disappoints Professional Escort

Lara, the witty “international escort” over at jetset writes about
her experience at the
Gansevoort Hotel in the Meat Packing District in New
York City (which is about a minute and a half walk from my apartment and probably the most fun hotel in the world to
pronounce). The Gansevoort is the well-known, uber-hip new glass hotel across the street from Pastis…a famous landmark
to Sex and the City fans. Despite its sleek design and popularity among the stars, she finds the hotel wanting. The
pool is noisy and teeming with younguns, the bathrooms are tight and for $500 a night, she reasonably expected
complimentary bottled water rather than the trio $8 bottles she found (presumably Hollywood folk have no problem
putting out almost a ten spot for a bottle of H2O) . I enjoyed the review, and the blog itself, which I’ll tune into
more often….always interesting to read what an international professional escort is up to). And I have to say it was
with some measure of schadenfreud that I savored her negative review of the Gansevoort, as whenever I walk by, I always
feel like my wardrobe is in serious need of an overhaul.

(via Travelpost)