Fall Color Cruises

I’ve already seen a bunch of fall foliage write-ups, and after this weekend, we’ll continue to see a big push
encouraging travelers to visit the Northeast while the color show is in full bloom.
This article introduced
me to a new kind of fall color tour that I has never considered before — see the trees from the water?!

I’m not much of a cruise person, so this kind of outing just hadn’t occured to me. But as I’ve
discovered, there are quite a variety of cruise companies
that have shaped itineraries around this popular autumn sightseeing event, which can
apparently be witnessed well by both land and sea.

Here are three:

The Great Lake Cruise Company runs New England and Erie
Canal tours that stop in places like Plymouth, MA; New London, CT; and West Point, NY.

NY Waterway organizes cruises from Manhattan
to West Point.

The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT
has short excursions on the Long Island Sound that provide a wonderful vantage point from which to view the fall
colors on land.

Other popular ports of call used by many cruise companies include Newport, R.I.; Bar Harbor, ME; Montreal,
Quebec City and Halifax in Canada.