Luxury Travel

We usually leave the luxury talk to our Luxist pals, but I thought I’d just
make a quick mention about this event, for those curious to see where the wealthiest travelers are heading these days.
If you want the latest on specialty cruises, private jets and chartered yachts, head over to the
Luxury Travel Expo, which begins
tomorrow at the Javits Center in New York. (There is a West Coast Expo in Vegas in December.) It’s all about selling
the travel experience, because in most cases, no price tag is too high for these consumers.

Yesterday I read a Robb Report alert about new developments with one
luxury community that serves as a perfect example of this high-end travel. The Yellowstone Club, an exclusive Montana resort, is launching World Membership, a club that will
offer members a choice of as many as 10 vacation properties around the world. The final list of properties has yet to
be determined, but could include a castle in Ireland, a lodge in Alaska, a summer property in British Columbia, a
200-year-old villa in Italy, and a home in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Initiation fees to join are in the millions.