Luxury Hotel Opening in Havana

Cuba is another country I have yet to visit, but is high on my list of Latin American / Caribbean
choices. Though I probably won’t be searching for luxury accommodation upon my arrivals,
the Cuban tourism site posted a quick note about a
brand new luxury hotel opening in November. The
details are few, but if luxury and Cuba are synonymous for you or you’d like to try and make them one of the same, keep
your eyes peeled on the Saratoga Hotel.

This won’t be the first time the hotel (which used to be famous in the 30’s for its open air modality,
gastronomic service and popular Cuban big-bands) will have been on or around the block. Many elements
from the former building will be reproduced with large windows, a central atrium, and French wooden works
only meters away from the old building.  Stay tuned.