Dietary Card

Dietarycard offers a selection of language cards that makes
dining out in a foreign country easier for those with dietary concerns.  Specifically made for those who suffer
from food allergies or require a gluten-free diet, travelers can feel comfortable knowing that the correct instructions
were passed on to the chef. The small cards can be handed to restaurant staff to alert them to diners request, and
hopefully avert confusion that language differences could present.

The company carries a full range of cards and
can create custom ones. They’ve announced that beginning on December 1, they will expand custom card offerings to
include Greek, Turkish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian. They currently make
cards in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The UK company can ship cards almost anywhere, and they can be
ordered online. Check out their
top ten tips for
tenacious travelers
— # 7 points out just a few of the cultural differences surrounding food preparation and
cooking that diners should be aware of.