Fodors Gives Props to Channel Islands

Having just
to the Channel Islands for some superb kayaking, hiking, camping and
general hooliganism, I was very pleased to see that Fodors
this little cluster of islands off the coast of California some due. Even though they sit out there just 20 or
so miles from Ventura (which is about 2 hours North of LA), it is rare for the several campsites there to be full…and
even then, it’s usually just Boy Scouts.

These islands rock. I mean that, too. They’re all made of rock. Volcanic stuff, sandstone and guano. Hmm, guano. But
they are also fun, fun, fun. We stayed at Santa Cruz island (most of which is actually off-limits and in the hands of
the Nature Conservancy), but I’ve also camped at Santa Rosa. Santa Cruz is the largest of the islands and there is
probably more to do there than the others since the sea caves that yawn from the cliff sides make for some epic sea
kayaking. There is also fine hiking around all the islands, with some of the best views this side of the Pahokees.

Anyway, t’was sweet to see these islands get some attention…they deserve it and are worth a look if you’re in search
of a far away place that’s not so far away.

Channel Islands