Friday Travel Blog Roundup

I’ve learned about several new travel-related blogs in the past week or so, and thought I’d just take a minute to
mention these three and welcome them into the mix:

J3tlag – A whole bunch of folks with connections to other blogs and websites have
collaborated on this “digital destination” for travel information. It’s presented by iTravel and has
contributors from all over the web world, including some we have
mentioned here before.

Mobissimo – This appears to be a mix of travel deals and commentary on hotels and destinations.
It will be interesting to see what develops here and how the other travel search engine portals respond, maybe with
blogs of their own? Right now many of them just have feeds or email newsletters. [via

Tony Wheeler – Lonely Planet’s founder joins the club with an
official blog. (We previously mentioned one of his trip
blogs.) Tony shares his favorite travel books, quotes and hotels, plus plans to dig into the archives and share what he
claims to be one of the very first travel blogs, his writing for GNN back in 1994. Stay tuned for that… [via
Insideout and About]