A Blue Hawaii at A Las Vegas Hotel

With summer behind us and chilly temperatures surrounding fall and winter are without a doubt
the best time to lose the fling and find someone to snuggle with. Prepare for the long
grueling snowy days or better yet escape from them. You and your special someone certainly don’t have to get hitched to
hike up to Vegas and stay at A Las Vegas Hotel, but with romantic theme rooms, honeymoon suites, and the
Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel all too close, the thought is bound to
cross your mind. And if you decide to tie-the-knot, just remember all the friends and family back home (in the cold)
may want to share your magical, tear-jerking moment of matrimony.

While I’m sure Hawaii ranks high in the most desired wedding locale, you don’t have to spend a fortune or fly far to
gain a taste of the experience. Ron Decar’s, Las Vegas
has several rooms, but the one that stands out for me is the Blue Hawaii room. Painted white fluffy
clouds rest above you on the ceiling while painted beaches cover the remaining walls. Big palm tree can be found
shading your extra cozy bed while you relax. Oh, and just when you and your snuggle bunny found your undisturbed
tropical paradise in Vegas, don’t forget the King. Wouldn’t be Vegas without Elvis crooning a familiar tune somewhere.
Theme rooms start at $89 a night.

Whether the accommodation nails the theme on the head, I wouldn’t know. I’m actually sitting here in Hawaii,
but in trying to do you a favor, I thought I’d point it out.