Sunflowers in Lop Buri

Right around this time last year I was making plans to see large fields of golden sunflowers all
while dodging the monkeys and their poop. Yeah, poop. Lop Buri was one of many places
marked on my wish list of places to see while exploring Thailand in a two week trip. Sadly the trip was rerouted to
Costa Rica after the tsunami’s tore through South Asia three days before my flight. Just as I was beginning to
come to terms with visiting Thailand someday in the future when my schedule permits I spot
this article in the Bangkok Post. The sunflowers
are in bloom in the central plains. It is only most recently the flowers have become a booming eco-tourist attraction
for those wanting more than the Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket ticket. The flower’s oil are also in demand by the
canned tuna factories in the country. Interesting combination.


To find out more about visiting the blooming sunflowers in Lop Buri and Saraburi visit the article found