Baltimore: Responsible Tourism Forum

I’m spending the entire week in
Baltimore, enjoying the simple joys of Charm City for one last time…it’s nice to be back visiting after almost 2
months in NY. It sure will be weird to be away from this place for at least five months more, maybe much longer. I was
bummed to learn that I’m going to miss a great travel event that is coming to town here next month. The 2006 Educational Travel Conference will be held in Baltimore from
Feb. 21-24, which includes a 2-day special registration open to independent travelers. For $275, independent travelers
and nonprofit travel planners can attend the Responsible
Travel Forum
on Feb. 22, which will focus on the positive economic impacts travel can have on local communities and
places visited, while minimizing the ecological, social, and cultural impacts through pursuit of sustainable tourism
agendas, traveler philanthropy and volunteer vacations. It’s great for those seeking a career in the educational travel
industry too, so it could be worth the money if your job hunting. Registrants can also attend the
VolunTourism Forum on Feb 21 and take advantage of the
International Bazaar at no additional cost. (Tour operators, travel and program suppliers, and destinations must
register for the full ETC Conference.) There are four great keynotes lined up including Pico
Iyer!! I would soooo be going to this if I was not going to be off wandering the world. Shoot me an email (gadlingkel
AT gmail DOT com) if you’re attending and want hints on what to do while in town…although, if you’ve been reading,
you know that I’ve mentioned a few here already :)