Hot Air Ballooning Cappadocia, Turkey

Why hot air ballooning
dazzles me the way it does I’ll never know. I have yet to experience an early morning ride in the over sized
fairy-talesque vehicles and I think I’ve been holding off so that the first one will be a special one. Something about
them comes off magical, highly romantic and seems calming in terms of beginning or closing another day. I’ve looked
locally and dreamed about the hot air balloon safari in Kenya, but one ride I never considered taking is in Turkey. Göreme Balloons operates out of the Cappadocia region and tours
stick to ballooning tradition Turkish style. Complimentary local breakfast is served while the crew inflates the
balloon and prepares for the amazing flight and soon after you’re all set to explore the oddly shaped pillars that
stand varying in hue from years of erosion. The landscape is said to be one of the country’s finest, nestled between
Neveshir, Kayseri, and Nigde. In terms of safety and licensing they are one of the only officially licensed hot air
ballooning companies in Turkey. Just one more reason to fly high on your next Turkish adventure.