Word for the Travel Wise (02/25/06)

TogoFlagSeems I’m still online today and feeling rather cozy here in Trinidad. The crickets are humming outside, music is heard in the distance calling me to come out, to wine, to dance and have a swell time, but I’m quite relaxed in my current state. My friends would probably place daggers in my back if they knew I was sitting inside hunched over my laptop with the fan blowing streams of cool air on me, but life couldn’t be any better if you ask me. The night is still young anyway and the possibility of going out to play is still there. For now I’ll shoot my emails to family and friends, soak up the air and even pass on yet another new word.

Today’s word is a Mina word used in Togo:

o foin – what’s up?

Last time I taught a word from Togo I cheated and used my friend’s name. At the time I wasn’t sure which tribe or dialect the word, but he cleared things up. ‘O foin’ like the name ‘Koffi‘ which means Friday is used by the Mina people of Togo and will be hard to learn online. As we learned before the official language of Togo is actually French. Togo has a couple major native languages Ewe and Mina are used in the south and Kabye and Dagomba are used in the north. There aren’t many resources for learning the native lingos online, but anyone with French speaking capabilities should maneuver their way around the country with ease. Global Crossroad has a 2 week language and culture program for volunteers preparing to start work in the area wishing to learn basic Ewe.

Past Mina words: Koffi