Wanted: LEGO Builder

Want to help create the next tourist site instead of merely gawking at it? Well, the job of a lifetime might just be yours if you are really really good with LEGOs.

The LEGO company is looking for a new Model Builder. Qualified applicants must able to take ordinary LEGO bricks and turn them into fantastic works of art. And they must at least 18 years old.

A few years ago I spent an entire day at the LEGOLAND in Denmark mesmerized by the fantastic array of statues, buildings, animals, and countless other constructions made entirely of tiny LEGO bricks. They kicked ass over the little square forts I used to proudly construct as a kid.

On February 20th, LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, California began its search for a new artist to add to their ranks. Over the next three months aspiring LEGO builders will be pitted against each other in construction competitions to be held in seven cities across America.

I’ve got just one question: Why couldn’t the Lincoln Log company get their act together and build a theme park? Now that’s a job I could’ve landed. I kicked ass with log cabins.