Ethnic Food In Vancouver

I always thought that Canada was so vanilla in flavor that restaurant spice racks had room for only salt and
pepper.  While this may be the case in certain parts of the country, it is as far from the truth as possible in

This beautiful city on the west coast of Canada is surprisingly diverse.  Half of its citizens are foreign born,
with the majority of them coming from Asia.  While cultural diversity brings many wonderful benefits, the one
I’m most fond of is food.  And Vancouver does not disappoint. 

An interesting article on this week focuses on the variety of ethnic
which greatly enhance the city of Vancouver and directly challenges the culinary misconception that
Canadians can make only maple syrup and not much else.  The article discusses the vast array of restaurant choices, ranging from Malaysian to
French, as well as making a small handful of recommendations, such as the tasty Le Crocodile.

The remainder of the article is dedicated to other swell things to do in the city.  And there is not a single
mention of maple syrup.