One for the Road: RoadTrip USA

Forget baseball, apple pie (who even eats the stuff
anymore?), and your mom…OK, be nice to mom…go buy her a card, in fact, just saying hi. Or better yet, give her a
call. Then come back.

OK, back? Great. How’s mom?

OK, now onward. Here’s the deal. All that is at
the heart of America might include those things above, but I have another suggestion: The Road Trip. Yes, from Lewis and Clark and what might be called the
first great road trip in American history to Jack Kerouac’s fictional gallivants across the continent, the Road Trip
has been an integral part of the American ethos from the get go. Who among us in college didn’t, on some random Friday
night, sit with a group of friends contemplating the coming weekend and then scream: "Road Trip!" at the to
of your lungs before pounding another beer and then hopping into the car…with a designated driver, of course.

But there are so many road tri possibilities out there. How can you possibly decide which one to take? How can
you possibly know all the alternatives? Folks, I have a suggestion.

Get your hands on the book Road
Trip USA
by Jamie Jensen. Put out by the folks at Avalon Books, this weighty tome is so full of ideas that it would literally
take a lifetime to do them all.  Broken down by state and illustrated with a gazillion photos, the book offers
insight and advice, as well as much needed specifics, for how  and where to take your next road tri. From the
Delaware Shore and Rehoboth Beach to the road along the Appalachian trail to the ribbon of road beneath the gaping
skies of Montana, this book will be your travelers bible as you head out in the car. Just don’t get any of that
apple pie on your jeans as you drive and eat.