Super Seville

When I
made the decision to live abroad a number of years ago, I narrowed my choices down to Prague and Seville. 
Although Prague eventually won out, I still look fondly upon Seville and what might have been.

A recent article in The
(UK) has so perfectly encapsulated this amazing city that it has made me rethink my Prague decision and
wonder if perhaps I had made the wrong choice. 

Journalist Robert Elms’ evocative piece begins by briefly describing Seville as “a city of toreros and
flamencos, dark-eyed beauties and white-washed alleys, unforgiving blue skies, never-ending late nights; parades,
fiestas, siestas and blood.”  Wow. 

Elms stokes the flames even higher as he waxes on about Seville’s labyrinthine alleys, ornate palaces,
bullrings, tapas, Serrano ham, sherry, flamenco and more.  Wow again.  This is truly a wonderfully written
essay that provides an inspiring glimpse into an old Spanish town that has a way of grabbing hold of your heart and not
letting go.  Trust me.  I know this for a fact.