South America via Wheel Chair

always presents a certain amount of challenge and that’s what makes it so rewarding at times.  Imagine for a
moment losing the use of both of your legs, however, and such challenges take on a whole new dimension.
Most of this planet fails to provide ramps, elevators, special bathroom stalls, and other conveniences for the
wheel-chair bound, making travel almost impossible in many countries.  About 80% of Europe, for example, is pure
stairs.  The near impossibility of navigating Europe with wheelchairs often occurs me due to a friend of mine who
can no longer walk. 

It was therefore with much interest that I came across an Oakland Tribune article written by a woman who
accompanied her paraplegic friend on a journey through
South America
.  Journalist Julia Malone had never traveled with a wheelchair-bound person before and
didn’t quite know what to expect.  Many of the challenges were somewhat anticipated, but the pleasant
rewards she encountered were not. 

Take a moment to browse her account of the trip.  You’ll realize just how much of a luxury travel truly
is and how much of it you simply take for granted.