The Holly Trolley

Getting around
Los Angeles is pretty rough if you’re driving. And if you’ve been out partying in Hollywood and perhaps have had a few
too many Manhattans, well, we wouldn’t advise you get behind the wheel of a car at all. So what to do? The taxi scene
in LA is notoriously bad, pathetic even by New York City standards. So how do you get around LA/Hollywood at night?

Here’s an idea: The Holly Trolley shuttles
people around Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood Entertainment District every Thursday through Saturday from 8 p.m.
to 4 a.m. The orange trolleys shuttle clubber between LA parking lots and Hollywood night spots. They also stop at the
Hollywood and Vine and Hollywood & Highland Metro stations, so you can catch a train back to your pad. To ride the
Holly Trolley you need to buy a token, which can be purchased for $1 at participating bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Sounds nice, but I have to make a confession: I’m from LA and this is the first time I’ve even heard about
the Holly Trolley ,so I can’t vouch for it’s usefulness. I can, however, vouch for the horribleness (?) of LA traffic,
and for the late night partying thing. Those I know well, perhaps too well.