Cruise Ship Behemoth

Although we here at Gadling aren’t big fans of cruise ships, I couldn’t resist posting about the
latest news: Royal Caribbean is building the
world’s largest cruise ship
.  Strangely enough, the leviathan company already holds the world record
with its 4,370-passenger Freedom of the Seas which heads to
waters on May 12.  But that’s not good enough.  In an outlandish effort to outdo even themselves, the
company has just announced they will start building Project Genesis, an 1,180 foot long, 220,000 ton, $1.1
billion monster boat that will hold 6,400 people!

Can you just imagine what happens when such a ship docks in some foreign port and 6,400 tourists come pouring out,
consuming Mexican sombreros and Chiclets like a ravenous swarm of locusts?  Can you imagine life on board the boat
itself, as passengers fight over deck chairs, shuffle boards, and the three teenage daughters a naïve married
couple dragged along with them? 

As it turns out, passengers are already a bit wary about the recent trend in cruise ships expanding like some
distant galaxy.  I was amused to discover that one of the more common complaints voiced on such ships was the
distance one had to walk to dinner.  Come on folks!  Project Genesis is four football fields
long.  If you can’t walk that distance to stuff food in your gullet after a long day of laying poolside,
maybe you should just stay home where your kitchen, at worst, is maybe 15 feet from the TV.  If the front door is
closer, I suggest you order pizza and save yourself the extra walk.