Breakfast would be my favorite meal of the day if it weren’t served so early.  When I’m on vacation, however, and don’t have to rush off to the office, it’s always so very nice to indulge in a leisurely breakfast before wandering the tourist sites. 

Unfortunately, not every country on this planet celebrates breakfast with the same syrup-infused enthusiasm as we do here in the States.  Indeed, that whole baguette and cup of coffee thing so prominent in Europe is always a real disappointment when I visit. 

As a result, I was pleased to come across a short article in this month’s Travel & Leisure highlighting the best breakfast options in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Paris and Vienna.  Although I was particularly impressed with the slew of wonderful foodstuffs mentioned, and would love to try the Arlington Royale (“eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and a dollop of sevruga caviar”) next time I’m in London, I suddenly recalled while reading the article the most wonderful breakfast I’ve ever had in Europe; farmer’s eggs and homemade sausages in Doolin, Ireland.  Simple but oh-so-amazing.  There’s hope yet for the European breakfast scene.