One Night Stand: Columbus, Ohio

Perhaps this is something I should just hand over to the folks that handle it best and could refer to the most exciting hot spots the state of Ohio has to offer over at our sister site BloggingOhio, but dear readers I’m out to ask you this evening where or what should and must I do on my one full day of play in Columbus, Ohio? As it stands right now my knowledge on the areas most exciting attractions or knowledge on Ohio as a whole is pea-sized. Right now I sit in a hotel room in Zanesville listening to that awful faint noise the semi-trucks make as they move down the highway and tomorrow you will find me wandering somewhere around on Hwy 800 (I believe) and as I walk Columbus will be on my mind. What to do? What to see? What is the nightlife like? Is there anywhere to go dancing? What will I eat? My walking pals and I are scheduled to arrive in nearby Grove City on Thursday, but we’ll be making the trip to the capital for sure.

If you’re out there Columbus help me out! Here’s your chance to really show your city some love and tell the world what it’s all about. Don’t worry about my tastes as I’m not picky, but to give some area of focus let’s concentrate on food and dancing. All recommendations welcome.