On Portland

Portland, Oregon is one of my favorite US towns. I used to make road trips down to Portland from Seattle, where I lived for five or so years, and always I felt both welcomed and more relaxed. It’s a laid-back, friendly place whose weather is not quite as Seattle’s and where you can always find amazing outdoors things to do and a killer place to have a beer afterward. Alas, the folks over at SF Gate didn’t quite get the proper Portland treatment. The article here rhapsodizes on Portland’s charms, but they find that Porlanders are less welcoming of the California crowd. I guess that’s true. In Seattle, we always had a thing against California folk (of, which, I am one by birth, a fact I often kept quiet), but it seems Portland’s anti-CA vibe is even stronger. It’s a good piece, but makes you wonder: can’t we just all get along?