Roots Travel – African Ancestry

I can’t imagine anything that could possibly be cooler than traveling to discover ones roots and ancestry. Allow me to get real geeked up on this topic if you will. I’ve been a big fan of genealogy for ages and on a continuous search to learn more and more about my own family’s past. However, as an African-American piecing together information can be extremely difficult. The first step in researching your ancestry is starting with small talk or long conversations with the elders, but if your family is anything like mine and from the South they’d rather leave some stories untold. Sigh…

The next approach is by far one of the best and provides those of us with a serious interest in connecting with our ancestry the opportunity to not only go to Africa, but to go with a purpose and personal connection to the continent. African Ancestry online provides the technology to help trace family history and roots with DNA testing. Once the DNA has been tested they compare yours to that found in a database of lineages from 30 countries and 160 ethnic groups. Details and specifics are a plenty on their site. There is far too much science involved to blog here, but if you have a deep-rooted desire to connect to the Motherland I suggest you look into this. Seriously!!! Pricey, but so worth it.

I plan on having both tests completed by year end.