US’s Most Sweaty Cities

OK, it’s a kinda lame marketing gimmick…but you gotta admit it’s pretty clever, too. Old Spice, the company/brand famous for those old after shave commercials, but who has now branched more successfully into deodorant, launched a ranking for the United States most sweaty city. Now they haven’t gone so far as to say the smelliest city, but that’s implied, eh? Anyhow, as you’d expect, the sweatiest cities are those beset by high levels of heat and humidity. But wait, the number one ranking this year went to Phoenix, which is a relatively dry city, no? Doesn’t make sense. But the Old Spice folks say that the average resident there loses nearly 0.9 liters per hour during a typical summer day. But the stuff leaves the body more quickly than, say Orlando, which ranked 13th. So I guess the distinction is one between quantity of sweat and overall sweatiness. Because Orlando and even New York would get damn high ranks otherwise.