Commando Kayak

I’m not sure how to begin to describe this site I came across on kayaking. I mean, it’s not about kayaking exactly. Well, it is, but it’s not about kayaking in the way that you and I think about kayaking. It’s not about heading out for fun and relaxation on a body of water…or maybe it is. Ugh. Well, look, I spent some time slicking around the site called Commando Kayaking, and despite the strange guy whose ghoulish, Viking face graces every page, I want to say it is really cool. The site seems to be about how one can take ones kayak pretty much anywhere…and now only how the commando kayaker does this, but why he must. There are also instructions here for how to roll, how to perfect paddle techniques and, the wonderfully named exercise called the Qajaasaarneq.

Seriously, though, the site is pretty cool. Off-beat to be sure, but if you’re like me, a paddler and a fan of the obscure, you’ll spend some time here.