Galapagos Pics

I still plan on posting a Photo of the Day today, but in the meantime, I urge you to check out this site featuring scads of amazing photos from the Galapagos. They are of particular interest to me…or at least this part of the world is…because I am currently re-reading The Beak of the Finch, by Jonathan Weiner. 

This remains one of the best non-fiction books I have ever read. The book is about a husband and wife team of scientists who spend all their years studying the finches on several small islands of the Galapagos and over the course or time (and much data collection) they are able to document the progress of Natural Selection. Really engrossing and fascinating.

But anyway, this series of photos is cool enough in and of itself, and if you want to pick up the book the next time you’re out, well, go right ahead.